Personal Invitation

Accelerate your Digital Transformation with Windows Server 2016


How could Windows Server 2016 improve your digital transformation and make your business more efficient? Find the answers in our event on Tuesday, 11th October.


9h00 Welcome breakfast

9h30 Introduction Candi Carrera, Country Manager, Microsoft Luxembourg

9h45 Sessions opening

Protect against modern attacks using Windows Server 2016
Yannick Speletz, Elgon (French session)
Today attacks are very sophisticated, targeted (ad, identities,...) and in many cases not detected. Discover how the new features of Windows Server 2016 (AD, Microsoft Passport, Hello, containers, Nano server, Hyper-v...) will help you to protect against the new attacks.

Manage & Control access via Windows Server 2016 privileged identity
Michel Carette, Elgon (French session)
Identity becomes more and more the core to authenticate and control the access to resources. Discover how Windows Server 2016 privileged identity extends Active Directory to provide advanced identity features via Active Directory Domain Services, ADFS, PAM...

11h15 Break time

Virtualization and Windows Containers
Julien Revelant, Elgon (French session)
We will present the new Hyper-V 2016 features, more simple, flexible and customizable, and give you an overview of the new Windows containers in Windows Server 2016, a lightweight, portable approach to running multiple applications on the same operating system kernel.

Remote Desktop Services & Clustering in Windows Server 2016
Laurent Miltgen-Delinchamp, Elgon (French session)
High Availability and accessing Windows Applications from any device, anywhere, are really a business requirement in the IT digital transformation. Discover how the new RDS & Cluster architectures and features in Windows Server 2016 best meet these requirements.

12h15 Q/A - Sessions closing

12h30 Lunch time

This event is exclusively reserved for CIOs, IT Managers, IT Project Managers, COOs, IT Developers, System engineer, IT Networking Managers, RSSI, CEO, CFO and associated functions. Access shall be denied to solutions and/or services providers. Registration is free and is opened until October 7th, 2016.

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